With a changing climate and warming temperatures in summer, the newer air conditioning designs must be more energy efficient complying with the environmental new changing laws and codes. Nowadays we can install systems with efficiencies up to 21 seer. These systems are also tax deductible. The higher the efficiency the larger tax deduction you claim. Gas furnaces also can be upgraded from 80%+ to 90%+ efficiencies. You lower utility bills while raising tax deductions. 90%+ gas furnaces don’t need conventional chimneys. They can be vented to the side of the house using PVC, that way the homeowner saves space and can remove old chimney. Several upgrades can be done with existing systems. More information on this subject can be provided if you wish to contact us.


The key to a lasting and efficient system is thorough maintenance, done by trained professionals with experience. We detect many failures and provide the preventive maintenance recommendations that help to avoid major and expensive damages to the equipment. With a recommended frequency of twice a year you obtain a full report and service to your system and also receive instructions on how to maintain the best comfort at home with larger savings on utility bills.


We provide a large selection of replacement equipment, from the basic base models to the most efficient systems.


Many problems are easy to fix by the homeowner such as switches turned off, dirty filters, tripped circuit breakers and others. We provide 24/7 troubleshooting help over the phone, and for more detailed troubleshooting, we also provide emergency services on all brands.


It’s a good idea to find out the status and life expectancy of your home heating and cooling system, for this we provide evaluation-maintenance service.


Experience is necessary to provide professional fast repairs. We have all the necessary tools to provide you quality and lasting solutions when replacement is not an option for you.

Heat Load Calculations

In many cases a system is working fine and in good shape but the temperature and humidity in the house is not what you want. The system could be undersized or oversized. To find out the capacity of the equipment for your specific needs we provide heat load calculations and design of duct systems that fit your home.